Premier League to Resume on June 12

Liverpool might just get the league title they have so craved for years and rightly deserved this season after all.

When the Corona Virus pandemic struck the world and ended all businesses including sports in every league around the world, a lot of people blamed it on Liverpool trying to win a first Premier League title (the bad luck tho’).

Over the weeks that followed the Premier League being suspended on March 9, as the virus kept spreading and gaining strength, Liverpool’s title chances waned off with a lot of people suggesting that the season will be cancelled.

While a lot of fans, especially those from the red part of Manchester enjoyed Liverpool’s misery, the UK Government has seemed to come to The Red’s aid as they have started making plans to bring things back to normal.

The UK Government has just on Monday afternoon, released a 50-page plan on how they plan to ease the lock down, detailing how restrictions will be eased in five steps. As a result, the Premier League has been given the green light to resume in June.

The second step of the plan states that ‘cultural and sporting events are to take place behind closed-doors for broadcast, while avoiding the risk of large-scale social contact’ and this phase is to begin from June 1.

However, for that to be possible, the corona virus infection rate has to fall down to an acceptable level.

All things being equal, the Premier League is targeting a June 12 return, but there are a lot of issues to be ironed out before business can resume. The plan would need to be approved by a 14-team majority.

While that is not going to be an issue, the bone of contention will be the proposal to use around eight to ten neutral venues to stage the remaining fixtures, a notion that several clubs (notably Watford and Norwich City) have opposed.

While there are still a lot of uncertainties surrounding the return of our beloved game, one thing is certain – when they do resume, we can only watch from the comfort of our homes.

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