The Return of the Premier League Amidst an Ongoing Pandemic

This pandemic has brought a lot of changes to life as we know it, altering plans, schedules and many more

One of those changes we had to live with was the halt it brought to football all over, halting transfer plans, footballing competitions and so on

With the competition suspended, teams on the verge of promotion are left wondering “what next?” Likewise teams fighting to avoid the drop of relegation.

One team everyone had their eyes on was LIVERPOOL, they were on the verge of winning their first premier league trophy in 30 years, arguably one of their best premier league season performance, they were forced to lie in limbo not knowing their fate as the world battles the corona virus.

Football players had to find a way to maintain some sort of fitness while in lockdown, A lockdown which was necessary to curb the spread of the virus.

Then came the news of a possible continuation but there were things to consider , safety of everyone involved as it seems the virus is still very much out there. 

For football fans like me it was a welcomed idea but let’s not be too excited and forget the need to make sure it is safe enough to continue the season

Personally I got to the point where I am ready to pay to watch players kick anything even if they have to kick a stone.

The bundesliga moved to continue and I thought they did that very well in the previous weekend, it just gives hope that football can continue but alas in an empty stadium.

Some say it won’t be the same without the roar and excitement of fans, the boos and the celebrations, as true as that is we must also understand that this is a necessary precaution as the world continues to fight the spread of the COVID19

After watching the bundesliga in the weekend I think football can continue, everyone just need to get use to the new system, an empty stadium, face masks and social distancing for those not in the field of play. 

Sad though for the Belgian pro league fans , The Eredivise fans and the Ligue 1 fans, they will not be experiencing the return of football like others are already experiencing or anticipating because these leagues have been cancelled 

With all of that and with so much excitement I say welcome back football , your fans  have missed you silly

Stay safe

Adebayo tweets via @adebee_oduwole

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